All About Studio 222

Studio 222 Architects is all about collaboration and communication. We believe that, together, we can create something so much more. It’s through this approach that we’re able to offer the level of creativity and problem solving that allows our projects to be cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable.

We believe in design that’s based in principles of elegant simplicity and clarity of space, all while adapting our work to the context and needs of the community and environment. We take every project as a challenge, aiming to define the intended function of a space in clear, workable terms, and then knock each one out of the park.

First and foremost, Studio 222 is a team. Through our focus on inclusion and open communication, we’re able to tackle a diverse range of projects through every step of the process. It’s this creative collaboration that sets us apart. Work with us, and together we can make your space incredible.


Meet Our Team

Our successes wouldn't happen without our dedicated and talented team. See the people who make Studio 222 stand out.